Customer Service

Every successful business focuses on three elements of customer relationship management – customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care.

Helpdesk Solutions

The help desk is the central hub through which problems and issues are reported. Celestial Infotech provides tailor-made solutions to provide a superior customer service interaction and thus leveraging each customer relationship to the fullest.

  • ITES, or Information Technology Enabled Services, refers to the outsourcing of processes in which the provider utilizes telecommunication technologies and the Internet to provide those services, mainly for companies in non-information technology (IT) fields.
  • Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are also called web- enabled services, remote services, or teleworking. ITES helps global companies meet their business goals and provide a valuable service with the aid of information technology. ITES covers the entire gamut of operations that exploit information technology to improve an organization’s efficiency.
  • These services provide a wide range of career options that include opportunities in a call center, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back-office operations, HR services, web services, etc.
  • A wide range of areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance, telecommunications, and finance use ITES. Some of the services provided are call center services, medical transcription, bio-tech research, insurance claims, payroll, and credit card processing. Other services include customer care, human resources, administration, web marketing, back-office data processing, and accounting.